Freeport Bahamas

Finally a travel post guys! Freeport Bahamas was my destination about 2 weeks ago now. Little backstory, so my wanderlust friend was talking about taking a trip and I was not too pumped because of  my current responsibilities and needed to come up with a plan before committing. However, since this was a limited deal, I had no choice to agree to a tropical vacation. This happened sometime in January/February. Mind you I am a last minute person so doing this was a little unnerving because I kept wondering what if something happens before then but luckily nothing did and so the trip happened. We were a group of four girls who met up in Dallas, spent a night at the spa castle the night before where we dipped in hot and baths and chilled at the pool.

May 26th

Our flight departed from Dallas, Texas at about 9am and we got to Freeport, Bahamas at 12pm (one hr time ahead). We looked at the forecast a week before and noticed that it was going to rain the first few days. What a bummer right! There was a hurricane from Florida and making its way towards the Bahamas. By the time we got through customs and boarded a taxi to our resort.  It was already 2pm.

Location: Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach - An All-Inclusive Resort

Upon arrival, we dropped our bags and headed to the cafeteria which was buffet style. I must say they had a good collection of food from dessert to salads to beer/wine. It all tasted pretty good. We got our room keys, the rooms were decent, they had varying standards and you could always upgrade if you wanted. They also have two other restaurants apart from the cafeteria that are pretty fancy. One was Viva La pizza and with Italian dishes and the other was called the Bamboo which offered Japanese cuisine. One thing I did not like was the millipedes outside the corridor but that is pretty normal for a wet tropical environment.

First day, we just explored, it poured a little and we spent the rest of the day unpacking.


May 27th

It was a Sunday and we were invited to Taino beach for a bonfire. I believe this was another resort. There was lots of food and unlimited Bahama mama, a sweet tasting cocktail which I quite indulged in. We chilled by the beach, and  played some games. However, we could not really do a bonfire because the wood was wet so we got a fire dancer to perform indoors instead.


To be continued

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