We know prints are huge this fall. We have seen them on major designers runway this year. From leopard to plaid to floral. Although, these prints are classic in a sense, there has been an overwhelming number of models strutting the runway in these. And of course, you know it is a trend if a every blogger is rocking them.

  • PLAIDS, TARTAN, HOUNDSTOOTH-There are the classic red, black, and blue plaid. But we have seen an influx of uncommon plaid colors like yellow, blue, violet, and browns. Seeing as plaid are a constant fall favorite, you can choose to invest in designer brands or just your usual high street alternatives. I personally have one plaid shirt dress which is sufficient at this time till I change my mind. And as usual same applies for tartan and houndstooth.

    All images are c/o harpersbazaar.com unless otherwise stated.



  • LEOPARD AND SNAKE and some TIGER- And this is definitely back like never before. The 80’s definitely showed up on the runways this year in leopard prints. We are used to the typical dark brown, medium and light brown, creams and yellow colored and sometimes grey leopards. But this year! What are we seeing? Pink, yellow, orange, and green leopard prints. And the exact same goes for snake print. I have seen Karenbritchick rock her green Topshop snake skin coat which she rocked fabulously. I saw some tiger but not as prevalent as leopard followed secondly by snake print. There is a method to leopard-styling madness else it will come off tacky. It is possible to be all head to toe leopard but that is a hard card to pull. I advise anyone who wants to style leopard to pick one key piece and go from there.

  • FLORALS and NOISY/MIX-MATCHED PRINTS- Florals have always be in for fall and winter but in darker tones but we seem to see summery-like florals-that is bright and bold. Many designers have been churning a lot of bright, bold, and beautiful florals. And although I am not a big fan of florals, I do love seeing a shift in the norms. I have seen noisy prints, not a fan, but it is interesting how people pull this look.


IN BOOTS- White boots seems like it is here to stay. I was turned off from white shoes because I do NOT know how to maintain whites period. No pretence, that means If I do have white boots, then I have to baby it. Ain’t nobody gat time fo’ that. However, I might just bite the bullet and get one, a cheap one. I have been eyeing one from justfab only because I have 4 credits on there. I also thought it was hard to style white but I have seen so many inspo and honestly it is kind of like styling black shoes. Since fall and winter is all about dark colors generally, having a white shoes helps your outfit pop.

IN BAGS- Just do it if you have it is all I got to say.

IN OUTFITS- Style a white outfit like you do just for summer. All you got to do is to stay warm. Caveat- I LOVE WHITES. It is just too clean, crispy, and classic.


I never wear dresses in the fall. So I am ecstatic to try this trend, I have a couple and I want to see how I can push my limits this fall. You can obviously wear florals and wait for it- SILK/ SATIN slip dresses in the fall. Mindblown!! I will definitely try this out and show you guys.



BLAZERS AND LEATHER ANYTHING- Get you one. And if you have to get the classic black and any plaid. There has been a lot of different tones of plaids ffom grey to brown and to black. So in my opinion, any one will do. I scored a few from a thrift store. I am quite frugal so If I see any trend, you best believe I am scouring the thrift store for dirt cheap alternatives. I am excited for fall because I feel like I can test the trends without investing too much. Any thing leather is a pass for me.

COATS in CAMEL, GREY, and BLACK and BROWN- I would add get one in an earth tone like rust, brown, dark orange, and khaki color. I scored a coat wannabe in rust for 80 cents and can’t wait to show you guys. I am thinking of getting a new camera so I am ecstatic like I stated earlier for shooting new looks. I also almost stole ( I mean if I pay $3 for an ultrasuede turquoise coat) from a goodwill near me, that is stealing right..jk.

JEANS AND FAUR and Shearling- A pair of dark wash jeans is key for your closet.

SCARVES, SWETERS, AND BOOTS- Your choice works and GLOVES too.

And remember this are styles reinvented, so check your thrift stores for alternatives and you never know what you might find. A good portion of my fall wardrobe outerwear are from thrift sores. Can’t wait to show you guys. I am officially excited for fall.

Be sure to check out this link form harpersbazaar for more inspiration for your fall wardrobe.