Welcome back to the blog! I am back after a not so brief hiatus. Life was busy and I was just unmotivated, if 'm being honest. We are halfway through summer and I still have a tons of summer outfits loading. Today, I have featured an asymmetrical pleated dress. I know right! Now a little back story, I bought this dress summer of 2016 and never got around to wearing it. It was from ding! ding! (one of my fave stores), if you said catofashions, then you are absolutely right. It was $4.99. I never say no to a good deal. This dress features a tie-shoulder dress which is in at the moment. It is pleated and asymmetrical. The perfect wedding dress too. I added a belt to it, paired it with a shoe I snagged online for $14.99 and this thrifted black sequin purse for $2.99 from goodwill. I can't wait for an opportunity to actually wear this dress. I hope you have enjoyed this blog. I am trying to ease back into it. My apologies for the break. As always, all items or similar items will be linked below. 

Dress:similar here, bag:similar here, shoes (coral color option left) , black option from gap here