Culottes are in full bloom this season and I do love this trend. I've had this pair for over 10 years, I know, crazy stuff. So I bought this in what we call second-hand in Nigerianese (an already worn item). Similar to thrift store in the USA. If I need to be extra, well l will. We also call it bend-down-select, very literal, these type of open markets display wares or clothing items as the case maybe, on the floor and you bend down to pick them up, hence the term. It's not nice and chill like you would expect. It is usually like rush hour and depending on time of day, you fight and haggle to pick your favorite item and I am pretty sure I did that with these culottes. As a christian who could not wear pants, this skirt like clothing did the trick at the time. Well, here, I paired it with a peach colored off the shoulder top and liked how it turned out although picture quality could be better, but this will hopefully do. Thanks for stopping by.

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