Happy hump day! How is your week going so far? Hopefully stress-free. I am almost done with my work week and I can’t wait for my next adventure. *giggles. I may or may not be going to somewhere tropical. Well, you’ll hopefully find out in the travel section of my blog. Back to the crux of today’s post; featured today is an oldie that is a recent buy from a thrift store. It is from topshop and although I love the pattern style, I could not help but notice it had an odd fit and I think it might be due to my food baby. You guys let me know what you think. It features flared/culottes style legs, front buttons up top and best of all a laced-up back. The print is reminiscent of something tropical if it were multicolored. I have paired it with a white fedora hat, a thrifted plastic wicker bag, and white wedges. I love the plastic wicker bag for a few reasons. Mostly for the unique shape; it is cylindrical, an uncommon design for wicker bags.  I also adore the white color and the gold clasp detail. It has no brand tags but it is made in Hong Kong. A quick search for plastic wicker bag yields results showing similar bags made in Hong Kong. There you have it; it probably is/was a trend in Hong Kong. I am still on search for wicker bag style bag in thrift stores. Will update you all with what I find. I hope you all have a blast this week. As always, links to similar items are below.

Similar wicker bags, similar jumpsuit and here, similar shoes, similar hat.

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