Happy weekend guys! How was your week? Mine was pretty monotonous, same old routine that includes going to work at night and sleeping during the day. I had a decent week. First day of work, a little hectic. Second day, I was placed on call and never did go in since I was not needed. Third, was easy breezy and I have been off ever since. I recently purchased a pair of revolve shoes and I was in the mood to be all yellowy so I went for it. The sun was beginning to set that evening and it pretty much served as it's own golden filter.

I love these mule by Raye X Revolve and I had my eye on it for a few weeks before I purchased it. In my opinion, slightly pricey but that is how revolve works. However, I was able purchase these in a sorta kinda consignment store for half off. So, that was a steal. It is not too bad with regards to comfort. I was able to walk but I could feel the strain in my knees. Or maybe I am just old and need act my age. jk.  But seriously, heels are hard on me these days.  I do have big feet so I felt it exaggerated the size of my feet. However, the side profile tells a different story. A few things I adore about this pair of mules are the color, fabric, and the style. It is so rich, vibrant, and luxurious. It is described as golden and although it is yellow, I guess it appears quite regal, hence the term. I wish I could have a dress or any other clothing piece for that matter in this fabric. It is a brocade fabric, and we all know it to be typically rich and opulent in texture . My African (Nigerian) friends will understand, as we have an unhealthy obsession with the brocade fabric. We wear them for any occasion, and I think when I saw brocade in the description, I felt a little nostalgic. I rarely hear about brocade in the US, so you can understand my feelings, I hope. Lastly, the style is a classic design and I see myself wearing this for a long time.

On to the dress, also picked up for a fraction of the price at same consignment store. I have paired it with this, how would you describe this color? I say yellow or maybe lime yellow? Is that even a color? Anyhoo, the website says it's olive, so I guess olive it is. This is kind of a shift dress, not form fitting but flattering. I don't know if you can tell, but the dress was missing some buttons at the top and I could not find similar buttons so I had to improvise with a black bralette and wear it open up top. I actually prefer the look of it to it all buttoned up like it was meant to be. It's 100% polyester but it looks a little silky if you are like me and can't tell the difference. I love everything about this dress from the fabric, color, and cold shoulder detail. It is on sale on and only has the black in stock. My bag is from goodwill and I bought the scarf in an open market in Nigeria 2 years ago. Enough of the rambling. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I hope you have a swell weekend too. Be sure to leave, comments, recommendation, or ideas below. And as always items will be linked below. Thanks for stopping by.


Rachel Roy dress, here, here, similar here. Revolve X Raye mules: here, affordable option: here. Bag: similar here. Scarf: similar here.